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From devising and implementing sustainability strategy, through establishing a measurement and reporting framework to managing the process of obtaining ISO14001 or other certifications, we can provide a full range of sustainability services.

Frameworks and Standards

We have experience of working with the widely-used reporting frameworks such as GRI, SASB and IIRC and compliance obligations such as Energy Savings Opportunities Scheme (ESOS) and Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR). We have managed fit-out projects that achieved SKA Gold accreditation and can advise on building to the BREEAM standard; we can also help you access grants and low-interest loans to fund energy efficiency initiatives.

Resource Efficiency

Many of the sustainability measures available to businesses can reduce costs by improving energy and resource efficiency – it is always our aim to enable savings that exceed the cost of the advice. Beyond that, research shows that companies with a strong environmental sustainability ethos consistently out-perform their competitors on key financial metrics and have better rates of employee attraction/retention, particularly among millennials and generation Z who form the emerging workforce.

Strategy and Reporting

Our sustainability consultants undertake the development of clear sustainability goals that align with business strategy and mechanisms to measure progress against them. We focus on identifying initiatives that are relevant within the context of the business and its market, material to key stakeholders and offer genuine opportunities for competitive differentiation. This systematic approach enables sustainability to be embedded in the business so that it becomes part of business as usual.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We can also develop programmes to manage community engagement and social impact, both within the organisation and up and down its supply chain, to provide a holistic approach to corporate social responsibility.

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